Department of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Social Sciences

Choate Rosemary Hall

Wallingford, Connecticut

History 461AD


Mr. Ned Gallagher


Paper Assignment #1

Choose one of the following questions and answer in a thoughtfully constructed 2-3 page essay that makes specific textual references:

    1. Consider the relationship between authority and power in Watchmen.
    2. Discuss the role of symmetry in Watchmen, both in the content and the structure of the graphic novel.
    3. Consider the ways that madness and sanity are presented in Watchmen.
    4. To what extent does Watchmen constitute a deconstruction of the genre of comic book super-heroes?

Outside research is not expected but you are free to consult other sources, either traditional or electronic, but be sure to cite them in a brief bibliography. Parenthetical footnotes or endnotes are fine. Citations from Watchmen should refer to chapter, page, and panel number. If you are unsure about citations or any other aspect of this assignment, feel free to contact me. Don't forget to include "The Pledge."

The ONLY acceptable ways to submit papers in this course are: (a) hand it to me in class; (b) enclose it as an e-mail attachment--Microsoft Word or a text file, please; or (c) leave it with my secretary in the athletic department office. Do NOT put your paper in one of my mailboxes or slip it under the door of my office or my apartment.

If you need writing help, I have posted some useful information online here and here.

Last revised: December 9, 2007